Can You Clean A Diamond Ring With Vinegar?

Diamond rings need to be cleaned fairly regularly, especially if this is a ring you wear all the time. Oil from your fingers can end up on the surface of the jewelry you wear and dirt and dust particles can end up trapped in the small openings and intricate design of the ring setting.

You need to clean your diamond rings if you notice that the ring setting looks dull or if the diamond looks coated in grime or oil. Cleaning your jewelry is very easy, but you need to make sure you use the right products. You can find special cleaners that will make gold or silver look shiny again, but these products are usually too harsh to clean a diamond and could damage your ring.Clean A Diamond Ring With Vinegar

You might be tempted to use household cleaners such as bleach or other cleaning products. All these products are too harsh and will damage your diamond ring. The best way to clean your diamond ring is to simply use some vinegar.

You can use any type of vinegar to clean your jewelry. It is best to dilute it in some lukewarm water. You can for instance mix one cup of lukewarm water with one cup of vinegar. Soak your diamond ring or other jewelry items for at least fifteen minutes.

The vinegar should be acidic enough to dissolve the oils and dirt that have accumulated on the surface of your diamond ring. Rinse your jewelry after fifteen minutes and inspect it carefully. You might notice that some details of the ring setting are still packed with dirt.

The best way to clean the ring setting is to use a clean toothbrush and to gently brush over the areas where dirt is packed. Clean the toothbrush when you are done and use it again to clean your jewelry. Do not use a toothbrush that has had toothpaste on it since there might be some chemicals left on the toothbrush that could be too harsh for your diamond ring.

Using vinegar is the best way to eliminate oils and dirt without causing any damages to the diamond ring. You might have to soak the ring for longer if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while or if you purchased an old ring that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

You should do this whenever your diamond ring starts to look dull. This is a quick and easy way to clean your ring and to restore the sparkle of the diamond. If using vinegar is not enough, you should take your diamond ring to a jeweler. They will be able to clean it more thoroughly with a machine but you shouldn’t try to use a harsher cleaning product since you could damage the ring.

You can easily clean your diamond ring at home with some vinegar, some water and a toothbrush. This will only take a few minutes and should make your ring look new again. Do this regularly since oils and dirt will keep accumulating on the surface of your ring.

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